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The Giardini degli'Arancia is one of the most beautiful spots in Rome. Sitting atop the a hill in Testaccio, the garden is a popular place for lovers and wedding photos. Next to the Garden is one of my favorite churches, Santa Sabina. Built on top of the ruins of a temple to the Goddess Juno. And one of my favorite fountains in Rome is also here.

Working on my first painting in Rome. In Testaccio. Note the Segway tour passing on the right. This is the third one to pass in 20 minutes.

After dropping off my stuff at the apartment I needed to get a few things for the next day! The absolute top order of priority was a visit to the art supply store since I didn’t bring any medium with me on the plane. I’m a few blocks from a great little store…I want to buy EVERYTHING! But I was good and restrained myself! And yes, the proximity to this store was a factor in my apartment choice!

Next I needed to eat something! I was going to get a gelatin but then I found a formaggiere (cheese shop), and picked up some taleggio and bread. Then I passed a proper supermarket and spent a good but of time just walking through the aisles drooling over everything….and this isn’t even a gourmet place! I took a picture of the frozen ‘frittata di mare’ for risotto…we used to have a friend in Bologna who made Risotto Frutta di Mare’ with this stuff…I’m tempted to make it myself! When I got home I took a picture of my stash. Note the kinder egg…I decided to live dangerously and buy the dangerous, banned for our own protection candy. If I die, you’ll know whose fault it was!

Now to shower and go out for dinner in Testaccio with a friend of a friend!

Buona Sera Tutti!

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