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The 2021 Sheroes Calendar Featuring Vice President Elect Kamala Harris

After the 2016 election I felt the need to focus my art on what was happening in America. What started as a month of daily portraits turned into a mission of creating a visual, positive way to amplify and celebrate women in politics.

Sheroes has also always had an element of 'Stronger Together' to it, which is why it was a big decision to feature Vice President elect Kamala Harris on her own in this years calendar. It was also a big risk, since the calendar was done prior to the election and there was no guarantee the election would go in our favor. But I realized that regardless of the outcome, I needed to celebrate this historic run. It was also a deeply personal decision since I have been a fierce supporter of the Senator since the beginning.

My only wish is that I had been doing this kind of work in 2016 and I could have supported Hillary Clinton in this way. At the time it never occurred to me that I might have a voice in this story. I hope my journey helps others find their own voice and power.


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