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Artist, Activist

TL Duryea is an American Artist, Activist and the Founder of Sheroes, celebrating the achievements of notable women.


Starting with a series of quick oil portraits of women in the public eye, Duryea created a line of products to embolden women to take up more space by wearing their support of these inspiring women.  The project has received the support of notable American Women like Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Rosa DeLauro, Ayanna Pressley, Jahana Hayes and more. It has appeared on CNN, Showtime, and the Washington Post and was featured in the book ‘The Revolution is Female’. 


Pairing her own activism with her brand, Duryea consistently works to help women running for office by painting their portraits and fundraising for them. She has helped raise over $250k for women running for office, with an emphasis on WOC. She has also supported organizations like Fair Fight, Emerge, The Girl Scouts of America, Black Voters Matter and more. She also launched an initiative to get more diverse faces in classrooms, starting with donating posters of her painting of Harriet Tubman to teachers around the country.


The Goal of my work is to help shift the way society sees women. By creating work that celebrates Ambitious women achieving their goals in ways that benefit all women I hope that it will cause a shift in perception. It's an ongoing project and now that I am 3 years in to the project I have lots of new ideas of things to do!  Looking forward to what comes next!



“I am honored to be among the many amazing female public servants whom you chose to paint” - Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton


“In each of our professions - we have a responsibility to push the edge of the envelope for opportunity for women - You with your talents, are doing exactly that.” - Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro


“Always impressed by artists who can capture my personality with the stroke of a brush” - Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

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