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Agrigento, Segesta, Selinunte...they all look the same....

But they aren't! And since everyone has different criteria about what makes a place interesting I wanted to offer an overview of the 3 main sites I visited in case you ever go yourself. BTW, Did you know Sicliy has more Greek ruins than Greece? It's True!

Valle Dei Templ - Agrigento

Winner: Best Dogs

Best Bang for the Buck

Smells like Rosemary

Five Temple Sites in various states of existence along a 2 km road makes you feel like you've stepped back in time. You aren't actually in a valley but along a Ridge overlooking the Mediterranean a few miles away. It's probably the easiest site to navigate since the Temple flows evenly along the road and while there is some incline it's gentle so it doesn't feel like you are mountain climbing (cough, cough Segesta).

If you only go one place this is your best bet for sheer volume of buildings in an easy to digest layout.


Winner: Biggest Ruins

Made me cry

Smells like Fresh cut hay and something floral and spicy I couldn't identify

Selinunte is definitely a little out of the way. It's about an hour and 40 minutes from Palermo and the same from Agrigento. There are basically two sites in the Archeological Park separated by a small valley. There is a shuttle between the two. I don't know how to convey the sheer immensity of the scale of this complex. My biggest problem with Selinunte is that I did not give myself enough time there. I had just under 3 hours and could have spent 5. Apparently the beach is also nice to walk along. If I were to pick a favorite this would be mine.


Winner: Best Flowers

Made me want to sing "Climb Every Mountain"

Smelled like farms in Europe in spring, a mix of smoke, manure and something floral.

Segesta îs the most accessible yet also feels the most isolated. Sitting in a valley amidst farms just 45 minutes outside of Palermo this is a super peaceful spot. Like Selinunte there are two sections and a shuttle to take you to the more remote one. Alas, I decided to walk and managed to log 70 floors on my fitness tracker for the effort. Still I am glad I did it because the flowers and visits were stunning and I wouldn't have appreciated them in a shuttle. The temple itself is considered the finest example of Greek ruins in Sicily, maybe the world and the second location boasts an amphitheater with a stunning view that is still used today.


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