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Via Appia Antica

More pictures from the Appia Antica. I really can’t recommend this as part of a roman itinerary enough. Go on a Sunday when there are less cars. The Appia Antica is after all still a road used today. From Trastavere take the 3b bus to the Piramide and from there get on the 118 bus. You can get off at any point after the Porta San Sebastiano. Right before you get to the Catacombs of San Callisto there is a stop with a bike rental shop where the bikes are in good shape. I did not rent my bike here:). I got off at the Catacomb of San Callisto. Get there early (10) and be aware of the fact that they close for lunch. The catacombs of San Sebastiano are closed on Sunday. Remember this is a holy site so cover your bare shoulders! After this (see earlier post about the catacombs) I walked up the Appia Antica a short way until I got to a roadside stand on the left that serves gelato, lunch, cake and rents bikes. This is where I rented mine. Mine wasn’t all that great but it worked. If you want to go for a shorter ride this is fine, otherwise get a better bike at the earlier stop. The Appia Antica is difficult to ride in parts but in these areas there are paths on the side of the road you can bike. I road out past the Torre Selce. Check for various routes you can take. Next time I plan on spending even more time on the Appia Antica!

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