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Ways to Help Ukraine

Links to Help Ukranian Women getting abortions after being raped by Russians

International Planned Parenthood.
My top site, because they are a known entity to me. Planned Parenthood has an international branch that is providing emergency contraception to Ukranian women.  Additionally., they are eas
y to donate to.

Women on Web
This is a global organization that helps women around the world get abortions.

Czech Abortion Clinic
This clinic is apparently a resource many Polish women use.  I am trying to get more info.  Their site is all in Czech but I got the name from a reliable source.

Blue and Yellow

Note, this is a Lithuanian website and its hard to navigate.  It is legit as reported by the Washington Post, but you should be able to make a donation by clicking on "Bankinis Pavedimas' and then it will give you a link to 'PaySera'...they also accept cryptocurrency.

Attend a Protest, Vigil or Rally in support of Ukraine.  The war of public opinion is part of this and the more the world visibly stands with Ukraine the better.

Get Money to People in Ukraine Directly


Book a room in Kyiv (or any other Ukrainian city) on Airbnb to send the money directly to the locals (whether they are currently there or not.) For those who want to help out, but are not sure where to donate, it is a great way to send funds directly to the locals. There is big price ranges, so you can choose according to how much you want to spend.

Organizations that help

Fight for Right:

Ukrainian Obama Leader Yuliia Sachuk’s organization, Fight for Right, promotes and protects the human rights of people living with disabilities in her community. In response to the crisis, Fight for Right is coordinating accessible shelter, evacuations, and emergency services–ensuring those living with disabilities aren’t left out of the humanitarian efforts. Their Go Fund Me page is the place for direct donations.

Hungarian Helsinki Committee:

Obama Leader András Léderer and his team at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee have been helping provide free-of-charge legal assistance and representation to refugees in Hungary for decades. Right now, they are focused on helping asylum seekers from Ukraine find professional and free legal assistance.

Fundacja Ocalenie:

Following reports that a number of African and Indian students have faced discrimination and racism at the border of Poland while trying to escape to safety, Fundacja Ocalenie has stepped in to provide support.

Kyiv Independent:

The Kyiv Independent, an English-language media outlet, was launched three months ago and was created on the principles of independent journalism and free-press. The goal of their Go Fund Me campaign is to keep the accurate news coming.

Polish Migration Forum:

This Polish organization is offering a free crisis hotline to assist people who are being affected by the Ukrainian crisis, including individuals who have fled the country, families worried about the well-being of their children, and those who have relatives in Ukraine and are feeling a sense of hopelessness. 

Cordélia Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims:

A Hungarian nonprofit that has experience helping severely traumatized asylum seekers, refugees, and their family members. They provide counseling and advanced psychiatric support.

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights:

The Urgent Action Fund is helping support women, transgender, and nonbinary activists on the ground in and around Ukraine, by providing flexible funding, access to communication channels, and medical support.

International Organization for Migration (IOM):

IOM is scaling up its humanitarian operations in Ukraine and neighboring countries, providing emergency services in health, shelter, winter supplies, and protection.

Association for Legal Intervention:

This Polish NGO has been providing pro bono legal work for migrants and refugees since 2005. Due to the rapidly changing rules and individual cases of those fleeing Ukraine, the Association for Legal Intervention just launched a dedicated legal portal to provide prompt legal advice.


The Afya Foundation is partnering with US-Ukraine-Foundation and others to support the medical community in Ukraine and refugees seeking aid.  

Afya’s Disaster Response Hub is preparing wound care, surgical equipment, and biomedical equipment to be shipped to Ukraine. In addition, their team is coordinating with several organizations and government agencies directly in Ukraine, including the National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry and contacts at the Main Military Clinical Hospital in Kyiv to make these deliveries. 


Airlink has activated its Europe Regional Response Plan and supporting the transportation of five emergency response and assessment teams to the neighboring countries of Poland, Romania, and Moldova – with more on the way to the region.  

Airlink is currently working with humanitarian, logistics, and airline partners to deliver relief supplies while assessing priority needs and response capacity – including working to secure that the requests for humanitarian cargo delivery will not cause additional congestion in surrounding countries or put a strain on local resources. Their teams are also supporting the humanitarian community to identify flight options to help organizations coordinate airlifts with supplies to deliver across the region in their network.  


The Americares Emergency Response Team is providing support to families. 

Americares is preparing to provide and deliver medicine, medical supplies, emergency funding, and relief items to the region – and has activated its roster of staff and volunteer medical professionals to provide support in neighboring countries.  Americares medical teams, including physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals, provide primary care services, emergency services for critical injuries, along with mental health support services to help survivors of conflict cope with trauma. 

The International Medical Corps

The International Medical Corps (IMC) is providing urgently needed emergency and mental health care services from medical professionals, including specialist physicians, general practitioners, and nurses.  

IMC is providing gender-based violence response services to increase the protection of women and children facing risks in wake of the conflict – and providing preventive care to keep displaced communities safe from COVID-19. 

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is scaling up support to government and NGO partners to help provide the basic needs of people seeking refuge from the conflict.  Working together with partners, the IRC is establishing a response that will provide essential support to civilians through the launch of an emergency appeal to help displaced families with critical aid. 


IsraAID is dispatching an emergency team to the neighboring country of Moldova to provide critical support to the growing numbers of Ukrainian families fleeing to the border. The primary and initial focus of their emergency team is on urgent relief distributions and protection, and mental health support for vulnerable, newly arrived Ukrainian refugees. In addition, the emergency team is assessing the needs directly on the ground in Moldova, plus additional countries surrounding the Ukrainian border, and provide continued support as needed. 

The UN Refugee Agency

UNHCR has a long-standing presence in Ukraine, as well as the neighboring countries of Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, and Romania. Their teams are coordinating the refugee response in partnership with other UN agencies and NGO partners, expanding operations to provide basic needs including access to mental health and psychosocial support; provision of basic items including food, unrestricted cash assistance, and core relief items; education and health services, including sexual and reproductive health services. Emergency shelter and critical items like heaters, warm clothes, and shoes are a priority due to the freezing winter temperatures in the region. To provide critical aid to displaced families, UNHCR child welfare and protection teams are also preparing to provide support to national authorities.  

World Central Kitchen

As thousands of Ukrainian families flee their homes in search of safety, Chef José Andrés and the team at World Central Kitchen are set up at a 24-hour pedestrian border crossing in Poland to serve nourishing meals to displaced families and refugees. In addition to activating their network in Poland, World Central Kitchen’s teams are mobilizing in Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, and Hungary to provide critical care to the Ukrainian people fleeing through the border. 

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