Sheroes Holiday Gifts and Goodness

I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people in my Sheroes community. As a way to give back I've compiled a list of some of the small, women owned businesses and organizations of my Sheroes community.  

Women Owned Businesses

Get the book 'The Revolution is Female', I'm in it!  Sheroes owes a lot to Kristen, not just for taking so many gorgeous photos of my work, but also Kristen has been a major inspiration behind why I am doing the work I'm doing today.

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Jenny was one of the first people to support the Sheroes dress, which gave me so much confidence in my work.  She's a terrific writer and contributes to a wide range of publications and this is her book.

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I met Sapna Moudgil-Shah at an early Kamala Harris event.  In addition to being a Campaign Manager she makes awesome jewelry that helps remind us to be more politically engaged. 

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Fantastic Children's Book by Fiona McEntee, celebrating our Immigrant heritage. A portion of proceeds goes to the Stand With Immigrants Initiative, and to the American Immigration Council.

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Sutro Vineyards is a Women owned and operated vineyard in California.  They also offer tours which I for one hope to go on when we can travel again.

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Shari makes unique contemporary jewelry and home accessories, incorporating gemstones, vintage elements and natural forms. 

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Morena's store name kind of says it all.  Snarky feminists gifts are always the best I right?  

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Jenny is a wonderful artist who I've been friends with for a very long time. Her affordable flower painting series donates a portion of the proceeds to essential workers.

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A local candlemaker, Jennifer if very active as a grassroots volunteer and often donates a portion of her sales to good causes.

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Katy is another friend from my local grassroots volunteer groups.  In addition to getting out the vote like crazy she paints beautiful work.

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Terrific masks by feminist activist Zoe Nicholson. She has a wide selection but we love the ERA Now mask...a portion of proceeds goes to the ERA Campaign. Note, everyone should take a minute to learn more about Zoe and her work towards equality for Women.  She's a Shero!

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Who doesn't love a hot chocolate bomb?  Aarti is a fantastic local chocolate artist, who created a special portrait of Kamala in chocolate for our fundraiser for Kamala Harris in 2019. Delicious and talented!

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Julie's photography primarily focuses on celebrating the colors of post Katrina New Orleans and the surrounding area.

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Soaps, skin care, cute felted animals and jewelry.  The beeswax for her products f=comes from her own Bees on her armlet in Connecticut. Jennifer has something for everyone.

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Women Owned Services

Kristan is a lawyer specializing in areas around Employment, Civil Litigation, Defamation and more. She was a cohost with me during the sole fundraiser for Kamala Harris in Connecticut during her Presidential run.

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A woman-owned business that’s virtual & global, supporting families who have children (of any age) with a mental health issue—primarily eating disorders.

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Women Run Non-Profits

Blossom Hill funds innovative programs to help children affected by conflict in the Middle East. Founded by my good friend Shiva who is the most amazing Grassroots organizer and fundraiser I know.

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Women for Progress is a network of women whose mission is to raise awareness, educate and connect individuals to activism on a wide range of progressive issues. This year they organized feeding frontline workers in addition to volunteering on the elections.

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Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc., is a non-profit charity established to help improve the lives of the families of fieldworkers in Ventura County.

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Empowering and inspiring Women of Color to run for office. The founder, Angela, hosts an amazing fundraiser annually, and encouraged me and helped me with the design of Sheroes Rise.


Obviously I'm a huge supporter of ALL Planned Parenthood.  But a friend works at PPMNJ and got me to make a mini-coloring book for a fundraiser this year.  Thanks to the idea I'm working on a coloring book of my own.


Friends Holiday Lists

Great gift ideas and action items from the folks at Joe Mamas and Mamas 4 Kamala. Julie Zebrak one of the founders is one of the amazing people I have become friends with by working on the 2020 Presidential Election.


Cool Mom Picks is one of the best online gift guides around.  Liz Gumbinner is one of the founders and in additon to being an awesome friend she's also involved in fundraising and grassroots organizing.