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Sheroes Holiday Gifts and Goodness

I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people in my Sheroes community. As a way to give back I've compiled a list of some of the small, women owned businesses and organizations of my Sheroes community.  

Don't forget to scroll to the bottom for some women owned Charities!

New York City based Photographer Kristen Blush is best known for her work with Secretary Hillary Clinton and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Original signed prints are available for a limited time, sized to fit ready made frames 11" x 14" or 16" x 20". Quick shipping anywhere in the US.

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Support women in media. Get a subscription for your favorite feminist and check out their gift shop at the same time for some stocking stuffers.


Fight for equality and social justice with each swipe of your lipstick. We give back with each purchase so pucker up and protest with us! Nasty Woman Cosmetics. Lux makeup and apparel for those who give a fu*k.


A local candlemaker, Jennifer is very active as a grassroots volunteer and often donates a portion of her sales to good causes. Ask about her 'No More Fucks to Give' candle (my favorite but not on the website, available by special request)

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I met Sapna Moudgil-Shah at an early Kamala Harris event.  In addition to being a Campaign Manager she makes awesome jewelry that helps remind us to be more politically engaged.

Announcing this years 2021 Future Picassos holiday painting kit. A custom created art kit for art lovers of all ages. Included in the kit are 5 canvases for painting, paints, brushes, palette. templates to trace all canvases, a pencil and an online step by step guide. Great for ages 5 to 100!


A one stop online beauty retailer that is organic, eco-friendly and made in the US.  They believe all beauty is found within and is radiated throughout.

The Hungry Heart by Zoe Nicholson, a feminist activist and author heavily involved in the campaign to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. She also has great ERA Now masks!


Helen makes the best've probably seen them over the years and not realized who was behind them.  Check out her great products featuring her work.


Fun handmade stained glass, chainmaille, and mixed media and photo items.

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Touchstone Crystal believes all women deserve to shine every day. Brilliant, affordable jewelry you can wear every day for any occasion. By my friend Anna Notaro.

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Lighting our way to a better future.  10% of proceeds goes to charities. 


Handmade decor and gift items.


Wonderful natural skin and hair care products created by Tiffany.


Create a personal work of art using your photographs to make a collage celebrating your special occasion.


Sarah is a Seattle based, Latinex jewelry maker.  Specializing in stunning hand made enamel designs.


Beautiful, one of a kind vintage jewelry, accessories and purses.

Kelly takes raw materials and creates something beautiful.  Some great hand crafted ornaments. 


Elaine creates wonderful miniatures for doll houses or decor.  Check out her IG to contact her.


Check out the wonderful stores at the Cleveland Bazaar.  Largely women owned there's a huge range of small business to support.

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Women Run Non-Profits

Blossom Hill funds innovative programs to help children affected by conflict in the Middle East. Founded by my good friend Shiva who is the most amazing Grassroots organizer and fundraiser I know.

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Empowering and inspiring Women of Color to run for office. The founder, Angela, hosts an amazing fundraiser annually, and encouraged me and helped me with the design of Sheroes Rise.


Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc., is a non-profit charity established to help improve the lives of the families of fieldworkers in Ventura County.

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