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I am not someone who follows most sports, but like most the excitement about this years NCAA Women's Basketball Championship caught my attention. While I haven't followed the sport, I loved what Coach Staley had to say about Trans Athletes being allowed to play sports in the gender they identify as. She knew it was a controversial topic and she didn't shy away from it. And after the Gamecocks won she gave a master class in how you should win a game.


So I was really grateful to learn more about her to paint this portrait. I learned how impressive her record was, not only in how she basically single handedly built the Gamecocks program which led to 4 NCAA Championships in 6 Seasons, but also how she coached the Women's National Team to a perfect record over 4 years, and earned a gold medal as a Coach, which went nicely with the 3 Gold Medals she won as a player on the Women's National Team.


I'd honestly need a few more paragraphs to list all of her accomplishments, so I will finish with the fact that she gives back by heading the Dawn Staley Foundation, an after school program for middle school children focused on academics and athletics. And she has a Havanese named Champ.


Congrats to Coach Staley, The Gamecocks, and all the women who reminded us again that womens sports is the equal of mens sports, and in some cases even better.

Dawn Staley

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