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On my final day in Umbria, my italian Artist Friend and I went to Orvieto to paint.  We spent about a half an hour looking for spots to paint that would be not in direct sunlight and that would afford us a pretty view.  We ended up painting on the steps of the massive Duomo of Orvieto, looking across the Piazza towards the buildings that used to house the priests who were attached to the Church.  While we painted we were occasionally surrounded to by swarms of tourists, the kids on field trips were the biggest fans and we would stop to answer their questions and let them take photos of the paintings.  After we finished we met up with some friend for a wonderful lunch at the Trattoria del Moro.  It really pays to know locals when traveling!


This painting was done on location in Orvieto on an 8" x 10" wood panel using Oil paints.

On the Steps of the Duomo

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