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There are currently two types of commissions I do, Private Commissions and Shero Commissions.

Sheroes Commissions

Sheroes Commissions are requests for women who I might use in my Sheroes Project. The process is basically if you suggest someone you would like me to paint for the project and agree to purchase the painting at a set price . The image will then be part of the Sheroes grid and be used on products. The decision on whether or not I will accept the commission is up to me. The cost of a Sheroes Commission is $300 for a 10" x 10" oil painting on panel.

Private Commissions

Private Commissions are commissions that will not be part of the Sheroes series.  They will be a fairly normal Commissions process.  A 30% deposit to begin, preliminary sketch of subject matter to begin process and make sure we are on same page, one round of revisions after completion to make minor changes to portrait, balance due on acceptance of final product.  The starting price for a private commission is $750 for a 1" x 10" Oil on Panel portrait of One person done in a style similar to the Sheroes portrait in terms of composition.   Other sizes and styles of paintings are also possible. Currently the wiat time for a commission is about one year long so I am not adding names to the wait list at this time.  But you can subscribe to my site and as soon as I have room for new commissions I will send out an email.  Subscribe here.

Thanks for submitting!

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