I could not paint a tribute series to the amazing people working on the Covid-19 crisis without including a healthcare worker.


The people who are ‘essential workers’ are the ones who will help us get through this.  I am so grateful to all of them.


No one is more essential than those who work in medicine.  And no one is being asked to do more with less than them.  They aren’t getting the PPE they need in order to stay safe.  Many of them have cobbled together PPE from their own supplies.  I deliberately chose not to portray this Shero with the correct equipment.  I cobbled together the image from photos being posted by friends.


I will take every precaution to try and do my part in keeping the numbers of sick down.


This painting is 10” x 8” oil on panel.

Healthcare Shero


    © 2012 by James Everet. All rights reserved