Amid the absolute chaos and fear of January 6th 2021 there emerged one bright spot. In an interview Senator Duckworth explained how a quick thinking aide secured the safety of the Electoral ballots as the chambers were evacuated. While there are pdf back ups of these important documents the destruction of them would most definitely have been a rallying cry for the traitor seditionists.
The specific aide is so far unidentified but we know it was a ‘she’. To celebrate this woman I painted the image captured by a photographer of Senate aides bringing the Electoral votes into the chamber prior to the assault on the Capital. In times of trouble, let us always remeber to look for those who rise up and inspire us.
Fine art, limited edition print. This print is made by a wonderful Black woman owned local print make. The image will be 8" x 10" and is an Archival Pigment Print. Prints will be signed and numbered. This is a limited edition run of a number to be determined but less than 50.

Please note. These are professional prints.  As such the painting must be fully dry before the print can be made.  Prints will be available to ship in early to mid February 2021

For The Republic - Print


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