I am making this graphic available for FREE so that people can print it out for personal use to hang in windows, put on your Zoom wall and make lawn signs out of, that sort of thing.  Use the code "Biden" so that it won't charge you $1.


I believe that being visible and enthusiastic in our support of Biden Harris is a KEY element towards winning in November, especially as the pandemic has hampered traditional means of campaigning.


THIS IMAGE IS NOT FOR RESALE. (I mean I kind of assume you all know that but have to make it clear).


While I am offering this for free, if you are want to make a donation of any size to BidenHarris at the same time and want to use my fundriaisng link, it is: https://secure.joebiden.com/onlineactions/FPwpx-KomkSxSrWSP_NHdw2?attr=101290598


If you want to donate something to me in order to help me keep doing this work my Venmo is @TL-Duryea


Finally, If you want products with this image (in addition to the bulk stickers that I sell on this site), you can find a wide range of items on my Redbubble site: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/54756584

Biden Harris - Free Download


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