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The Cut has organized a resource to help you find help based on where you are.  GET HELP HERE


From a trusted source who is a repro rights lawyer who's worked in this space for years.

It’s less “sexy” than imagining yourself as the badass protagonist in the abortion underground, but the best thing you can do right now to help people get abortions is to donate 50 dollars to an abortion fund, ask ten people to do the same, and have them ask 10 others.


Red River Women's Clinic, which is relocating just across the state line from North Dakota to Minnesota

Repro Legal Defense Fund, providing bail and legal support for people facing criminal charges for their pregnancy outcomes or alleged involvement in an abortion


Jewish Fund for Abortion Access, which channels funding to abortion providers in vulnerable places


Indigenous Women Rising, which provides abortion funding for Indigenous people in the US and Canada


ARC Southeast, which provides funding in GA, FL, TN, MS, AL, and SC


The Brigid Alliance, which specifically helps with travel expenses


The National Network of Abortion Funds

You can donate to them directly, or click around on the website to find your local fund and set up a recurring donation (small recurring donations are better for abortion funds than a big lump sum, because then they can budget the distribution of funding knowing roughly how much they can spend each month)

Apiary helps groups that provide logistical assistance to people getting abortions.

KyHealthJustice assists people with travel from Kentucky to safe states for abortions.


Many of the source in the 'Donate' section also have ways to volunteer so check them out as well.

Planned Parenthood - Always needs escorts.

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