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The Sheroes Project began as a response to the political climate in 2016 and after.  Activism is the foundation for much of what I do. This page is a resource to help people get involved and be a part of the change we need.


I am 100% committed to a world where Women have equal representation in government on every level.  Women are 51% of our population and rarely break 30% of our government. This needs to change and to bring about the change we must elect Democratic* Women on all levels of government.

The reasons we don't have equality in government are vast and complex.  I can't even begin to figure out all the root causes for it.  But I can support Democratic Women who run and the organizations that help them.  And because I am also pragmatic, this means I also will find myself supporting men who run for office.  Because sometimes that's the best option for women.

* As long as the Republican Party continues to embrace policies that harm Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ and others I will NOT support Republican Women in office. Just because you are a Woman does not mean that you represent Women.


Voter Registration

Higher Heights (helping elect Black Women)

Emerge (helping elect Women)

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