COVID Vaccination Resources


Please adhere to your States Covid Protocol.  With that being said, I have collected some resources to help people in various states better navigate the often complex and confusing systems.


Additionally, it may be possible to get on stand by at your local vaccination spot if they have any left over vaccines on a day to day basis. Either signing up for a wait list or in some cases just showing up at the end of the day is a way to get your shot.

This list is compiled from links sent to me through my community and is in no way comprehensive.  I will try to update it periodically.

There are tons of State specific Facebook groups if you need help thats another good place to look.

Tools To Assist people with Disabilities



Vaccine Finder

Covid Alerts

Albertson Pharmacies

Find A Shot

NPR Resource Tool


Riverside County 

Long Beach



Sign Up here


Yale New Haven


Vaccine Finder


Facebook Group



Facebook Group


Vaccine Finder

New Jersey

Facebook Group

Facebook Group 2

New York



Vaccine Finder

Manhattan Senator Hoylman’s District only


Facebook Group

Get Involved

The Sheroes Project began as a response to the political climate in 2016 and after.  Activism is the foundation for much of what I do. This page is a resource to help people get involved and be a part of the change we need.


I am 100% committed to a world where Women have equal representation in government on every level.  Women are 51% of our population and rarely break 30% of our government. This needs to change and to bring about the change we must elect Democratic* Women on all levels of government.

The reasons we don't have equality in government are vast and complex.  I can't even begin to figure out all the root causes for it.  But I can support Democratic Women who run and the organizations that help them.  And because I am also pragmatic, this means I also will find myself supporting men who run for office.  Because sometimes that's the best option for women.

* As long as the Republican Party continues to embrace policies that harm Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ and others I will NOT support Republican Women in office. Just because you are a Woman does not mean that you represent Women.


Voter Registration

Higher Heights (helping elect Black Women)

Emerge (helping elect Women)